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The management software that integrates all the functions necessary for your organization in a single cloud solution.


  • Advenias software is not merely a computerized medical record, but a complete working tool that allows comprehensive management of the clinical system. It lets you manage the clinical and rehabilitation program for each patient, but also lets you monitor the service quality management system, facilitating the process of continuous improvement: an indispensable paradigm in clinical management in the new millennium. Another added value is the assistance provided, both remotely and on-site, which helps us understand and fully know the opportunities that the software offers day by day. It has become an irreplaceable tool in little time.
    Dr. Fabio Stirpe
    Medical Director - Territorial Rehabilitation Institute "Villaggio Eugenio Litta"- Provincia Romana Camilliani
  • After an in-depth market analysis, we chose ePersonam to manage the activities of our guests. We noted a significant increase in quality relating to the security and reliability of data. Thanks to the various tools for analyzing results, we can refine and calibrate our services on a daily basis, monitoring the most critical situations in a timely manner. ePersonam is native cloud software: certainly an important advantage for socio-sanitary facilities, which are historically not accustomed to the digital world and its complications.
    Dr. Guido Masnata
    Information Systems and Digital Transformation Manager, OIC Non-Profit Foundation
  • The support provided by Advenias through its management software has greatly increased the effectiveness, efficiency and security of the organizational processes within our Group. Firstly, the collection, storage and subsequent locating of administrative and social-health-welfare data are guaranteed and facilitated. In addition, the ePersonam software ensures the correct provision of services provided daily with the ability to plan, record and report the activities carried out by various organizational levels of staff. Finally, considering the Cloud aspect of the applied systems, the Advenias team provides facilities with various offices a fundamental tool for standardizing management.
    Law. Giuseppe Franceschetto
    Director of Administration, Accounting and Human Resources - Prealpina S.r.l. Senior Homes
  • I'd like to quote what one of our healthcare colleagues said at a recent meeting: "We were asking each other how we ever could have worked before having this tool. Today we plan, record and communicate effortlessly and see our work recognized at all levels: Management, Assisted, Caregiver" For the Fides Group, this observation confirmed our excellent choice in the long phase of choosing software.
    Dr. Giovanna Russo
    Quality and Organization Manager, Fides Group
  • Advenias software has improved the performance of all the processes throughout the organization. ePersonam is an indispensable tool and Advenias is an ideal, dynamic and reliable partner thanks to its timely and exhaustive customer service. It has especially made my job as Director easier, as I can quickly control activities and results. The healthcare staff also works more effectively and efficiently.
    Dr. Alessio Calabrò
    Director of Residenza Serena - Insieme Group
  • The added value of Advenias is how quickly you can provide solutions able to speed up management control and analysis processes. In these years collaborating, their consultancy has always been aimed at providing essential benefits for our company and the answers provided have always met expectations.
    Eng. Marko Boscos
    COO Bologna Fiere Servizi srl
  • The Advenias software is an integrated system that has made our work leaner and faster through safe, error-free communication including a reduction in data search time. It also allows our cooperative to offer continuity in assisting users, as we have a file that is constantly updated with every activity in both the residential and educational realms. The nursing and medical staff have also benefited from ePersonam, thanks to a simple, fast and always accessible exchange of information.
    BIOS Social Cooperative

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