The advantages offered by Advenias in the sector

ePersonam web based software allows the collection of information useful to educators and coordinators of the service, thanks to the Android app, which records the position (geolocation) of the activities performed, with “start time” and “end time” for the automatic preparation of the Signature Sheet at the end of the month or for the period chosen (from date/to date).

Specifically, the software allows managing all the information related to:

  • User master data and individual project action form/plan
  • Observation form
  • Monthly work plan
  • Report form
  • Goals form, PEI
  • Checks form.

Educators and service coordinators can:

  • Prepare the printout of the time sheet with the totals of the schedules of all operators or educators (hours supplied by the staff per user and per staff member);
  • Obtain various summaries for each educator and user;
  • Prepare PEIs and VMD assessments and scales;
  • Customize activities by entering them at will;
  • Indicate the activities carried out and those not carried out due to change of activity or other reasons; possibility to justify the indication;
  • Manage and share user diaries;
  • Send SMS or emails providing information and communications of any kind;
  • Check and summarize the planned and necessary activities for each user.

Software technology and architecture

ePersonam web Educational and Minors Services is also available on smartphone and tablet through Google Play Store® to keep information on the activities to be carried out at your fingertips and share information on the activity and the user with a click.

The software consists of a module for open source web application and an ANDROID APP, accessible from any Android smartphone or tablet. No server is required for operation and no additional software licenses of any kind are needed.

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